Dream Journal

Maintain a Record for your Dreams (& Nightmares)

Had a Dream early Morning ?? Quickly write it down every details in your Dream Journal. This will improve your recollection of dreams over the period of time.

Dream Journal is simple app to maintain a Record Data for your Dreams (& Nightmares). Every morning wake & write your dreams before you forget it.

Titan Health Hub

Titan Health Hub can Create, Organised, Store your Health Data all in one place.

50% Fatality is caused because Doctors fail to diagnose Patient due to lack of access to Patient History. Titan Health Hub Enables Medical Professionals to look into your medical History while Diagnosing your Health.

Train Chat for Mumbaikars

Stay Connected with fellow Passengers, Share Train Alerts and much more...

Train updates are most important part of Mumbaikar's life because we are depend on trains for traveling to office, colleges,etc. With Train Chat app now you can stay in contact with every passengers in Mumbai and like a community we all can share train updates,delays, incidents, mega-blocks and much more

QR Lite

Scan, Create & Share QR Codes
QR Lite is a Simple Lightweight app for QR Code Scanning by using Mobile Vision API. You can Create & Share custom QR codes and it's all for FREE without any watermarks or logos
Direct download link (.APK)

GPAT #1 : Self Study for GPAT Exam

GPAT #1 is made to boost your self study for GPAT exam with previous year question papers to study & complete with details description.

Jinx:Self Diagnosis tool for Depression

Depression is the persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterises major depression can lead to a range of emotional and physical conditions. Depression may caused by chemical imbalance in the brain and stressful life events, such as the loss of a loved one.

Sometimes Depression is difficult to diagnose because it is difficult to differentiate a person with sadness and depression. Not all sad persons are depressed due to which there are high chances of miss-diagnose for depression . That's why Jinx provides an provide an easy way to evaluate your mental state based on mood and Anhedonia over past few weeks and our complex algorithm calculate your mental state to provide you a reliable diagnostic results.

Infrared Radiation Detector

Detect the presence of infrared radiation with the help of your's phone's camera

Yogic Cure for Common Disease

An e-Book Pocket guide to learn Yoga & Stay Healthy

"Learn-it-yourself app" Yoga can cure and prevent many common diseases
According to yogic view, diseases & disorders are the result of our faulty way of living, bad habit, lack of proper knowledge of things related to individual's life and improper food. Yogic Cure app is an ebook app which enable everyone to learn various yoga asanas & its benefit to stay healthy to avoid many common disease & disorder.
Yogic cure app is made by high-tech digital scanning of old Indian yoga scripts so that every one can learn ancient art  of yoga.

Meditation(6-Easy Steps Guide)

A simple mini guide app to learn meditation for beginners

What is Meditation ?  Meditation is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of reference. It can involve focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase known as a mantra. In other words, meditation means turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the

Virtual LSD

Want to experience how Hallucination feels??
VirtualLSD is a safest way to experience Hallucination effect like LSD by complex optical illusions which trigger hallucination effect for few seconds.
LSD is Lysergic acid diethylamide also known as worlds most potent hallucinogen or psychedelic substance which causes vivid hallucinations.
Virtual LSD Android App can emulate its effect which last only for few seconds.

Self Hypnosis Therapy

Medical Definition of HYPNOSIS says that, a hypnosis is a trancelike state of altered consciousness that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject.
Self-hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration. With it, you can change your thinking, kick bad habits, and take control of the person you are—along with relaxation and destressing from everyday life. It's similar to meditation and results in a better you.
Self Hypnosis Therapy app will Guide & teach you basic technique of self hypnosis to improve & enhance yourself.

ReXi- E-Prescription Maker

ReXi is a E-Prescription & Label Maker app for Medical practitioner.


* Cross-Platform: Prescriptions & Labels made by Rexi can be viewed, printed & open on any devices like Android, Windows, Apple.....etc, All you need is a web browser to open that prescription file.

* Themes: Give your prescription a themes to make it beautiful.

Muzilla- A Music Search Engine

There is always a song that fits your feelings, so why not to download it for free with Muzilla.
Muzilla is a simple music Search Engine that searches your favorite song on web.
You can search & download free mp3 from world's best free music websites.
why to waste time in browsing 100s of website when you can get your favorite song for free with the help of Muzilla search Engine .
Currently few websites are add in search list but in next update more will be added.

Download For Free

iBoot [Root app] - Quickly switch to recovery or download mode of android device

NOTE: Only for software Geeks & nerds.......

Do you want to boot your android into recovery or bootloader mode ??
and are you tired for pressing volume + powerkey ???

Here is solution for you,

Now you can switch to recovery or download mode of android without pressing hardware keys by just one single touch on your screen. All you need is a Rooted android phone.

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B.Pharm Hub (For Mumbai University Students)

Study Hub for B.Pharmacy Students of Mumbai University All in One App for pharmacy students, to stay up-to-date with latest syllabus, Study notes & study material for course of Mumbai University. This is must have app for every students and teachers for quick access to study.

Features: * Contains Latest Syllabus of B.pharm (for Mumbai University only). * Get Study notes for every subjects included in B.Pharm. * Subject notes available in PPT, PDF, Doc. * View Previous year Question Papers. * upload your personal study notes to increase collection of notes.    More are Coming soon........